Saturday, September 4, 2010

Da Burgh and Gucci Mane

I've been in Pittsburgh now for about a month and though I have only really worked on one actual project, I have had the chance to get some stuff ready for various shows around town. I got here late in the season so they've just been little affairs. The next one is tomorrow at the Monroeville Convention center (that's near the Monroeville mall for you zombie fans) and is for a rap concert by Gucci Mane. For those unfamiliar, he is a southern rap artist that is probably most famous for his song 'Wasted'. I'm not that big of a rap fan but I've still heard the song and the artist, which means his name has been around for a while. I thought it would be a good idea to do a little tribute piece of the artist performing while we did our own performance. I went outside the box on this one. I used some plexi-glass, some black primer on the back, and went to town with the black and white on the portrait. I thought I'd play around with his name a little but I didn't really have a plan until I got the name on there. I started airbrushing some white in there and let the wheels turn. That's when I got the idea for some heavy flake. I did a base of small gold flake and put a nice silver flake down the center. It still looked a little plain so I got out the heavy flake and put individual ones right down the center like they were diamonds. I the sunlight this thing is too hard to look at. Under in house lighting it looks like you could wear the thing. I may not be a big fan of rap, but I'm a fan of this look. Keep posted for more.

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