Monday, April 26, 2010

Try Before You Buy

I have the idea in my head that everyone should airbrush. At the very least, everyone should try and airbrush. This is, of course, my own opinion, but it's one that I feel strongly about. Here are some of my reasons:
The more people that continue to explore this incredible tool, the more exposure the art gets over all.
The more exposure it gets, the more credibility it builds.
The more credibility it builds, the larger the over all community gets.
Rinse, wash, repeat.
I'm not too worried about the airbrush becoming considered fine art because then there would be a lot more rules and a lot more ego, but I do enjoy the idea of more people becoming interested in the airbrush.
To that end, I have decided to take airbrushing to the greater public. I started with my YouTube videos. I am on the forums, helping and learning. But I realized that there are still a lot of people that want to try this airbrush thing out but are a little scared by the amount of money required to give it a shot, not knowing if they will like it. Sure, there are introductory classes in some places, by not my places. So I thought, why not pack up my airbrush equipment and offer to bring it to people who are interested? I put up a little Craigslist post and sure enough, someone was interested.
Granted it's just one person, but then I got to thinking, how many airbrush artist are out there that could do the same thing? What I'm offering is pretty simple. I'll bring my equipment, set it up, show them how it works, and leave them with a list of things they will need if they want to get the stuff themselves. I'll even let them give it a shot so they can have an idea of just how this whole airbrush thing works. Sounds pretty simple. I'm charging $40 to cover over all supplies, gas, and a little extra for my time (I'm offering between an hour and two hours). If they live too far away, I ask for a little extra gas money. Seems pretty fair to me, and to the person that was interested.
So I guess the only question now is to all those airbrushists that might be reading this. Why haven't you posted something on Craigslist? How are we going to paint the planet if there aren't more people painting said planet? You're still reading this?

Todays Video of the Post comes from Daniel Powers:

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