Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage 31

During the whole Custom Bagger fiasco, things were looking a little grim. It was my first big project and my first big break (or at least, I felt like it was). Things went horribly wrong and though it looks like, for the most part, it has all worked out, it was a trying moment for me and my family. Granted I didn't feel like giving up, but I wasn't really feeling like I had this in the bag. My wife was able to remind me that good things always come from bad and that it was better that it happened now.
And sure enough, that turned out to be true. I received a phone call from a local airbrush artist who was interested in building a connection. I'd heard the name Jason Prouty of Garage 31 before and had planned on calling him myself, but just didn't feel that I was ready. He beat me to it and I was humbled by the message he left. He'd seen the work and felt that I did an excellent job. A fellow artist, the name around my town in the airbrush field, called to tell me that. It was, in some ways, a pivotal moment for me. Not so much that I was getting a call from a completely ego free airbrush artist doing what I am working towards doing, but that we had the same intentions in mind. It is obvious that there is a lot I can learn from a guy who has been making a living off quality artwork in the Portland area. It was great to hear that I even have something to bring to the table even though I'm just a guy doing this out of an apartment.
There is also the fact that there really just isn't anyone else in the Portland area doing this. It's a clean slate and there is a lot of potential. From classes to collaborations to an airbrush supply store front.
So basically - my wife was right. Again. All of this is possible. It was just one bad experience and from that experience I was able to meet a really cool, down to earth artist after the same things I am. Not fame and fortune, but just enough to put food on the table and live a comfortable life off the artwork we create. Good times.
And if you missed the link above, then you really need to check out Garage 31. Lots of great work on there.

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