Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have my plane ticket booked. That, for some reason, was the most nerve wracking part. Lots of what if's coming into play. I honestly am just excited to get there and get started. To really knuckle down and get some serious experience under my belt. I'll be excited to be able to get back to posting about other artists and less "this is what I am doing". Sure, that's good stuff to the 4 readers I have, but there's so much to airbrushing that needs to be shared. I hate spot lights...
The east coast is a different creature all together. There's a lot I will have to figure out and get used to. I'm a one step at a time type of guy and I'm not sure that fits in so well over there. But, I also know that I'll be fairly close to some outstanding artists and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to doing some interviews, etc on some of the little known but should be knowns. This whole thing is really just one step further in my quest to paint the planet.

Todays Video of the Post is brought to you by me, cause it's freaking late and I'm tired:
Oldie, but a goody...

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