Monday, March 8, 2010

The Good Stuff

I don't really know what the good stuff is, but I liked it for a title.
I read that if I was to start and maintain a successful blog that I can't personalize it. Well, luckily I'm not trying to create a successful blog about airbrushing so much as I am trying to chronicle the fact that I made it. I haven't yet, but I will. That, and I hope to do some interviews and showcase some other outstanding airbrushists around. I realized today, also, that using the word airbrushist isn't going to get me anything close to good web optimization since I am probably the only person to use it on a regular basis.
Oh well.
So back to being personal. Today I was supposed to put down some base coat on what will be my friends motorcycle tins. He let me mess around with them so I could put what, hopefully, will be my best custom paint job to date on there. In return, while he is out riding with his biker buddies and going to his many rallys, he will be dropping my card and my name around. Seems like a pretty good trade off if you ask me.
What he wanted (he's been wanting a job on his bike for a while but just couldn't afford it) was the brightest red ever and a flaming eagle on the side with his 100th anniversary emblem (Harley) in or around it's claws. I really liked the idea and I am hoping that I can make some true fire look like fire. I also found a paint called Red Hot Chilli Pepper (which is good, since he used to go by Chilly Willy) and should have my Wicked paints by then.
$50 into this paint and me and my paint guy find out that it has to be catalyzed. Ok, well, fine, we have some of that. Oh, and that it has to be reduced with the special paint reducer. A reducer the first paint sales rep didn't tell us we needed. In fact he told us we could use a totally different one. If my paint guy hadn't called, we would have ruined $50 worth of paint, and possible caused me another weeks worth of work. Not cool when Willy wants the bike before the 19th so he can take it to Cali. I can't miss an opportunity for the bike to be seen by people from here to Cali and at a rally.
But, I'm still high and dry. And the bike is on hold. I'm spraying the thing, so there is still a chance something can go wrong (I'm an airbrushist not a paint guy!). It's what this is all about though, from what I hear. Things happen and you have to be able to make them work. It'll still be done before the 19th and it'll still be the coolest paint job I have done. It'll just be a few days later and I'll have to work twice as hard on it.
But it's going to Cali for a rally with a bunch of other bikers. I couldn't pay for marketing like that. And the fact that I know Willy is going to be speechless when he sees the bike means even more. I'm looking forward to getting this thing done and I'm just antsy.
Just goes to show you can't rely on the sales guys, you have to read those data sheets. You have to do your homework, all the time. This is why guys have a hard time changing paint systems.

The Video of the Post is From Huntington Beach Body Work Skulls, from Kustom Shop

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